Encore, 50 years later...

Woensdag 19 April, 2023

In 1972-1973, Lacan gave his 20th seminar, for an audience steadily growing in number, causing, so it seems from listening to the audio-recordings, some fatigue and even, at times, some despair on his part. The effort made by Lacan is quite impressive – during this seminar he is paying his price by trying to articulate something about the sexual relationship and its impossibility. What is there to say, from an experience that is to be called psychoanalytical, about that which makes us be driven to enjoy, again and again? How to speak adequately about sex, its relation to pleasure, pain, enjoyment? How to avoid the traps of popularity, of paternalism, of moralization? And above all: how to pass on the delicate and inevitably singularly anchored analytical experience to future analysts? That is the difficult exercise Lacan here takes up.

His choice is to approach the sexual relationship (and its impossibility) as a concept, something involving a logics, that is, a particular organization of discourse that demands articulation. No issues with sexuality without discourse, so we can say. Lacan’s formulas of sexuation have to be understood against this background: they are about logical positions that allow, or don’t allow, for ways of making an “all”, a collectivity, a group, and they assume a body, with its sexual energy, its libido, operative through partialized points of access to jouissance. In this, classical philosophical discussions and dichotomies about substance and attribute, about function and object, about being and appearing, … demand some subversive revisiting.

The way in which Lacan is not backing down from this exercise is promising as well as challenging, not just for those who, today, are moved and motivated by pressing diversity- and gender struggles, but also for philosophers, psychoanalysts and clinicians who are willing to open up their conceptual repertoires for that which appears as escaping, again and again, “encore” and “en-corps”.

Gertrudis Van de Vijver

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Op de hoogte blijven?
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